We are a group of citizens and organizations working together to provide a framework to coordinate the assessment of the Spruce Creek watershed’s conditions and to implement and monitor proven management practices that support environmental and economic vitality for the communities of the Spruce Creek Watershed and adjacent areas. The Association is comprised of a broad array of participants with interest in, livelihoods around or on, or land ownership within the Spruce Creek Watershed.

Our goal is to provide stewardship for the Spruce Creek Watershed. We’ve got some great projects going on, as well as completed – please explore the information.

We also aim to provide education and access to resources to inform the public about restoring and protecting this beautiful and fragile body of water.

Please join our project to clean up Spruce Creek’s stormwater issues!

Sponsored by the Town of Kittery (in partnership with the Town of Eliot, the Spruce Creek Association, and the York County Soil and Water Conservation District), the Spruce Creek Watershed Improvment Project (Phase 2) is funded under the 319 Stormwater program of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, totaling more than $150,000. From May 2010 through September 2012, participants will work to reduce bacteria, sediment and nutrient loading into Spruce Creek by addressing a full suite of polluted runoff problems, as well as conducting community education and outreach.

To learn more about the project and opportunities to get involved, please visit www.protectkitterywaters.org.


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