About Us

In 2002, a group of Kittery and Kittery Point residents came together to form the Spruce Creek Association. We are waterfront and non-waterfront residential and commercial property owners and renters. We are seasonal and year-round residents, taxpayers, and voters. We are people who are connected to Spruce Creek by physical proximity or simply by appreciation of its beauty and ecological value to our town and to the Gulf of Maine. As members of this community we are committed to protecting the Spruce Creek Watershed and being its stewards.

The purpose of the Spruce Creek Association is to provide an organized framework to coordinate the assessment of the Spruce Creek watershed’s conditions and to implement and monitor proven management practices that support environmental and economic stability for the Spruce Creek Watershed community. In the process we will also work to develop a community of watershed residents and users who are knowledgeable about and who practice sound water quality management.

With a membership of over 180 residents and businesses we continue to grow. Membership in the Association is free and open to anyone who cares about the welfare of the Spruce Creek Watershed.

The Spruce Creek Association’s goals are to…

  • Provide stewardship by coordinating efforts to promote the health and welfare of the Spruce Creek Watershed
  • Grow membership through outreach
  • Produce and implement an EPA-compliant Watershed-Based Management Plan
  • Standardize watershed-related ordinances
  • Provide educational programs for town officials, business owners, students and residents on the environmental issues that affect Spruce Creek and how to address them
  • Establish a methodology for reporting and remedying violations

Please look at these online resources to learn more about restoring and protecting this beautiful and fragile body of water.

Spruce Creek Association Leadership
The overall planning of the Spruce Creek Association’s goals and activities is managed by the Association’s Steering Committee. Activities and initiatives are implemented through the work of SCA’s volunteers and in coordination with state and community partners, contributors, and stakeholders. We welcome members to actively participate to help us achieve our goals and objectives.

Participation in all activities is open to our membership. We have so far identified the following activities to help in the pursuit of our watershed stewardship goals:

  • Steering Committee Activities
  • Membership
  • Grant Writing & Fundraising
  • Assessment, Reporting & Remedying
  • Education & Outreach

We welcome any help you might be willing to give!


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